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Hi there, I’m so glad you made it! I’m Bri, and this blog is brought to you by the letter W, my favourite yoga pose, 3 cups of magically strong coffee, the pieces of trail mix that my toddler didn’t want, and the number 15.

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I have kept a diary or journal since time immemorial. As a teenager, I was inspired by Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones and it all just tumbled from there into a rolling massive passion for the written word. My parents still have a giant Tupperware full of high school journals in their basement; yes, I am in my late 30s and own my own home with tons of land and a giant two car garage for storage. But there’s something lovely in knowing your parents still have pieces of your life in their care.

A laptop of one's own


By trade, I’m a high school humanities teacher; I hold BAs in Political Science/ English/ Philosophy (University of Toronto) and in Education (Ottawa), and have a Masters of Education (Calgary). My pet peeve is when people hear I teach teenagers and say something like, “OOOH, I’m sorry to hear that; they’re awful, eh?” One: I actually like these hilarious, awesome, honest creatures, and Two: why would I do something I hated?! That said I am (mostly) loving maternity leave and (completely) love that I live in Canada where we can take 12 to 18 months with our children before returning to work if we need/ choose/ are able to.


4 years ago, I married the Love of my Whole Entire Life in the mountains on New Year’s Eve; the wedding was some serious magic and our relationship continues to cast spells on us both. I should also mention he is the one making the alchemy behind this beautiful website! 2.5 years ago our gorgeous imp of a son was born (Kaspar), and 4 months ago I birthed our wee fairy daughter (Juniper). My life turned into a tornado of change and I’m just now sorting the pieces out in our cottage-like Alberta home. We love spending time outdoors (that was our career for most of our 20s, in fact), growing things, being in the woods, and generally being immersed in all things nature. The things I want most right now are peace for all those who suffer, compassion for myself and for my (at times incredibly trying) toddler son, community in the form of a village around me, and to feel strong again after giving birth twice in the last 3 years. Many days, I’d settle for a massage and 3 hours of sleep in a row. But those are my “big picture” cravings.

3 Camp Chairs

Walk the Talk

Yoga and mothering are both passions. I am not a yoga teacher or an expert mother; I have not achieved enlightenment in either regard. Nothing qualifies me to give advice, nor do I aspire to. As a yogini, my asanas are imperfect, my bandhas are often unbound, and my drishti drifts constantly. As a mother, my toddler runs amok, my baby often needs a good nose wipe, my husband would love me to do more dishes instead of writing, and you could do an archeological dig of snacks long past on the floor of my car. I won’t pretend that my family and hobbies leapt from a Pinterest board onto my life. That said, I do aspire to walk the talk and be the best version of myself possible at any given moment (sometimes that’s waking up early and meditating, sometimes it’s eating a pint of Coconut Bliss ice cream and crying from sleep deprivation).

Warm + Fuzzies

I’m psyched that I will at least have a few folks (hi mom!) following my writing as I weave together some journaling on my practice, reflections on my #15minutestofind project, thoughts on parenting, interviews with other mums/ yoginis, snarky commentary, and earnest searching for beauty. I’m also a rookie photography nerd. I hope that this blog isn’t just about motherhood or yoga or pretty photos… those are just gateways to talk about the Really Important Shit in Life.

My son is in a weekly yoga class, and he loves to sing the songs he learns. So, in the words of a 2.5 year old dressed in a dragon costume,

“Namaste to everyone, let the light shine through”.

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