Consistency: The Midwife of Change

Well, village, it’s been about 3 weeks of my #15minutestofind project; you can read more about that here and here. I’d say that I do 15 minutes about 50% of the time, half an hour (ish) 30% of the time, and an hour or more somewhere around 25% of the time. Those of you who know me will also know that I am abysmal at math (sorry, Ms. Jensen!). But this accounting error is intentional: I left 5% out because while I am very committed to technically making the time, and creating a beautiful- if rushed- practice of breath and light and space, sometimes I just… don’t feel like it. These

Have You Chosen The 15 Minutes That Could Change The Way You Live?

Some will find a journal and pen

So, dear village, you’ve decided to join me in my #15minutestofind journey… sweet! I’m so psyched for you and excited to hear your thoughts. I’ve shared some of mine in my initial post here. Have you chosen your “thing” yet? The one that challenges, inspires, deepens, furthers, finds what you crave? Yes? Wellllll…. this particular post might be slightly less relevant to your particular circumstance. But feel free to read on regardless! And definitely comment, if you haven’t already, to let us know what you’re up to. This post is designed for those of you who are not sure if they can find 15 minutes, or who want to do

Only Connect: Why I Probably Shouldn’t Start a Blog But Will Anyways

Mindfulness Habits for the Holidays

A very fair question that you, dear village, and I may both be asking right now is:: “Does the world really need another blog?” And although I’m not entirely certain of the answer to that question, it occurs to me that when I’m walking through the aisles of a bookstore, I never ask, “What the heck is with all these books? Why do we need more of these things?” Granted… we all know blogs are different than books and seem to judge them accordingly. There is something so personal about a blog… indulgent? Perhaps we are weary of reading people’s personal sagas, because TMI has become social media’s STD. And

15 Minutes to Find

Image of a tree pose in living room.

Dear village: If there was one thing you could find 15 minutes of guaranteed time a day for, what would it be? Would it be physical, creative, spiritual, skill -building, relationship-based, contemplative? What would help you retrieve lost parts of yourself, spark a small (metaphorical) fire, kindle connection, or just make you smile? And will you join me in committing to that? Although I adore my life of toddler hilarity, newborn cuddles, dog walks, campfires, and dark chocolate, I also crave peace, community, strength, and compassion, and I don’t get enough time to intentionally cultivate these things. Like so many of us, my days are stretched; the minutes burst at