Snow Much Magic: Family Skiing and Skijoring

Family XC Skiing

Within my Home Sweet Om chronicles, this is the third of a series on mundane magic- see my second here and my first here. This post contains lots of links to products, but I am not affiliated with any of them and don’t make any money if you click the links (I wish I did!). I actually got most of this gear used.  If you’ve read much on my blog lately, you know that I have a huge crush on winter. I have camped outside (like actually outside, not inside a building that is outside) in -20 with snow piled all around me AND LOVED IT. I’ve slept inside the bag of

8 Things to do Before You Read Another Clickbait Article

Resist clickbait... but click this first

Laugh at the fact that you just clicked on one. Cheeky, right? Go outside and breathe. Even if you have 4 children who are running around turning your house into a circus tent. Even if it’s cold or rainy. Even if all you can do is stick your head out a window for ten seconds. Close your eyes, inhale, exhale. Repeat if possible. Brush your hair. Seriously. This feels so good. And who brushes their hair in the middle of the day?! Sorry if you have dreads or don’t have any hair. Just rub your scalp. That feels pretty good too. Try to touch your toes. Don’t judge where you