The Magic is in the Mud

Feature artwork by Mora Thornton  Within my Home Sweet Om chronicles, this is the second of a focus on mundane magic- see my first here. Let’s just say that everything looks a bit muddy lately… Juni has decided that sleep is for the weak, so Eric and I are up 7,000 times a night trying to help her find rest. And in that process, our own rest has become a thing of the past. I literally feel like I’m emerging from a swamp each morning. But this is parenthood. Stiff upper lip and all that. I have built a barrier to negativity. But it requires so much energy to keep

Mundane Magic- Fairy Milk + Subnivean Inspiration

Mundane Magic - finding the beauty in the everyday

Mundane Magic- A Home Sweet Om Chronicle I woke up in 2018 with a word standing at the edge of my bed, staring me in the face. “Get up!” it said, hands on hips. “Ugh. Juniper was up every hour last night, go away. I don’t want any words this morning. Unless you brought me coffee. Did you bring me coffee?” The word frowned and sat on my bedside table, where my coffee should be. “UP!” It repeated. “Fine. But before I hear what you have to say, I am getting coffee.” When I returned, the word had gone, leaving only a thin film of sparkly air that I would

Dealing with the Fear of Never Being Enough: The “Asteya” of Motherhood

Dealing with the Fear of Never Being Enough: The Asteya of Motherhood

Hello, Village… so, as I walked over to my computer to start this post, these are the things I passed that could have used my attention: Overflowing laundry hamper (OK, if we’re being honest, it’s actually hamperS, plural) Dog, looking at me hopefully for a walk (don’t worry, he’ll get one… later) 926 pieces of Lego needing to be picked up My camera’s SD card, waiting to be downloaded and organized into folder Related to previous, Juniper’s first year photo book, waiting to be started Dog hair cyclones, building up the more I don’t vacuum My yoga mat, which will wait patiently for at least a few minutes before I

Maintaining Mindful Awareness During the Holidays

Mindfulness Habits for the Holidays

Happy December, Village! No? It’s not December yet? Sure feels like it! The world is rushing towards the festive month like it’s our job. Seasonal commercials have started, and everyone always looks like they are having the time of their lives, without a care in the world (they’re so rested looking! And so much home baking! House like an interior decor magazine! And how do everyone’s outfits always match?!). But even the best of us feels like the grinch at times through the month of December. At its best, it is a time of beauty, family, and community. At its worst, it can be a time of immense pain and

How to Stand Still While Moving

Babywearing yoga finding stillness in movement

Village, I felt like I was extricating myself from a bog this morning… heavy, reluctant. I’m tired. Of course, there’s the  “I’m a parent” tired (in that I have seen every hour on the clock for the last few nights). But also the “I’m a grownup and adulting is bloody hard” tired. I think maybe “weary” is the word I’m looking for. Juniper wants nothing of naps that involve being put down lately. At least I know she will always sleep while pressed against my body. This morning, I committed to cleaning with her in a wrap on my back. But as I sat down in what we have affectionately

Harmony Slater: On Yoga, Motherhood, and Defying Gravity

Harmony Slater on motherhood and yoga

“Good girl”. I hear Harmony Slater praising another yogi’s efforts in a difficult posture from across the room. Yes, I know, I’m supposed to focus on my own practice, but I chuckle to myself when I hear her say it. From others, it might sound condescending. But there’s something about the positive energy in the room, our teacher’s simultaneous desire for us to push ourselves and also be where we’re at, and the encouraging tone of her voice that from her, it just doesn’t. And maybe it’s because it’s also the voice of a parent; I’m certain that like every other mum out there, Harmony has both challenged and praised

Heart Openers

Village, it’s been a loooong couple of days. Well, it’s been a long month (30 days hath September, April, June, and November, and August has 150 days I swear) but for some reason this week has just felt like time stopped at 8am Monday morning and hadn’t moved. Battles, battles, battles. So many toddler battles over highly irrational stuff that I try to rationalize but just get exhausted. Blue cup. Red cup. Blue cup. Red cup inside blue cup. Blue cup, red straw. Red straw yellow cup. No cup. Milk on floor. Etc. And Kas is turning into a jet-fuelled dervish of risk-taking. I blame his dad, who enjoys hucking

Imposter: Confessions From Yoga and Motherhood

Ashtanga Imposter Utthita Hasta Padangushthasana

Hello again, Village. I’m not sure if you know this, but there are some people out there that would respond to my idea of practicing 15 minutes of Ashtanga yoga a day with some skepticism. Ashtanga is a beautiful, rich practice, steeped in tradition. The son and grandson of the founder, Patabhi Jois, are still alive and teaching actively. It is also a lineage with quite a lot of structure, and some divisions in opinion on how it should be taught and practiced. Many would say that one cannot practice in such small increments, that the practice should occur upon an early waking, in a warm room and before food

“All is Coming”: Yoga Practice, Patience, and Nighttime Parenting

Baby Mobile

Village, here is some wisdom for your day: the guru of Ashtanga Yoga, Pattabhi Jois, was often heard offering these words: “practice and all is coming.” From what I have intoned through discussions and reading, in my annoyingly humble opinion, Guruji hoped we would move through the asanas to access the other ‘limbs’ of yogic awareness. Even if it feels like we are treading water or lost at sea, practice daily with an open heart and mind to the sutras, and shanti (peace) will come. It is important not to judge one’s progress, or be critical of how fast or slow we move through the various Series. I am chuckling