A Darker Form of Day: Poetry For When my Kids Don’t Sleep

The Darker Form of Day: Poetry for when your baby won't sleep

Sleep Please sleep I love you truly, madly, deeply, But of late, the madly is tipping the scales. My breath disappears Into these nights Meshing with the threadbare fabric Of my exhaustion Weaving a heavy blanket Of reluctant wakefulness. I find something different at the door To each evening Reluctantly turning the handle I would almost rather leave it closed And pretend these hours Are just a darker form of day. The expectation of rest Is creating a cavern Into which I long to crawl And fall asleep But instead I stay here with you Witnessing every waking Following you blindly, Blearily, Into the madness of This darker day. Village, I

Heart Openers

Village, it’s been a loooong couple of days. Well, it’s been a long month (30 days hath September, April, June, and November, and August has 150 days I swear) but for some reason this week has just felt like time stopped at 8am Monday morning and hadn’t moved. Battles, battles, battles. So many toddler battles over highly irrational stuff that I try to rationalize but just get exhausted. Blue cup. Red cup. Blue cup. Red cup inside blue cup. Blue cup, red straw. Red straw yellow cup. No cup. Milk on floor. Etc. And Kas is turning into a jet-fuelled dervish of risk-taking. I blame his dad, who enjoys hucking

8 Things to do Before You Read Another Clickbait Article

Resist clickbait... but click this first

Laugh at the fact that you just clicked on one. Cheeky, right? Go outside and breathe. Even if you have 4 children who are running around turning your house into a circus tent. Even if it’s cold or rainy. Even if all you can do is stick your head out a window for ten seconds. Close your eyes, inhale, exhale. Repeat if possible. Brush your hair. Seriously. This feels so good. And who brushes their hair in the middle of the day?! Sorry if you have dreads or don’t have any hair. Just rub your scalp. That feels pretty good too. Try to touch your toes. Don’t judge where you

Parenting Into The Void: Raising Children in a Time of Uncertainty

Looking out into it all

Village, have any of you out there thought of not having children because you authentically believe that the world is doomed to end in a fiery ball of madness before our grandchildren see their hair turn grey? No? Just me? If that thought makes you squirm, or if my words have you digging into your copy of The Big Book of Climate Change Denial, this may not be the post for you. But if there’s even a tiny bit of you that fears I may be onto something, please stay and keep me company! We may need a group hug after this. And if you stay with me, I promise,

Imposter: Confessions From Yoga and Motherhood

Ashtanga Imposter Utthita Hasta Padangushthasana

Hello again, Village. I’m not sure if you know this, but there are some people out there that would respond to my idea of practicing 15 minutes of Ashtanga yoga a day with some skepticism. Ashtanga is a beautiful, rich practice, steeped in tradition. The son and grandson of the founder, Patabhi Jois, are still alive and teaching actively. It is also a lineage with quite a lot of structure, and some divisions in opinion on how it should be taught and practiced. Many would say that one cannot practice in such small increments, that the practice should occur upon an early waking, in a warm room and before food

Home Sweet Om: Nurturing a Peaceful Family Culture. Part I.

Part I: Introduction and Gratitude Practice Village, I’m kind of excited about this. It’s a SERIES! Ok, officially it’s only one post thus far, but I’ve got big plans; over several articles, I’m going to share with you what my family does to instil feelings of peace in our children and ourselves; some of these things are established practices, and some will be new. I’m hoping to hear what you do as well. I’m talking about the kind of peace that lives in gratitude, acceptance, belonging, right action, and empathy. I’m not talking the kind that implies our home is some serene Zen garden where toddlers speak softly and always

Consistency: The Midwife of Change

Well, village, it’s been about 3 weeks of my #15minutestofind project; you can read more about that here and here. I’d say that I do 15 minutes about 50% of the time, half an hour (ish) 30% of the time, and an hour or more somewhere around 25% of the time. Those of you who know me will also know that I am abysmal at math (sorry, Ms. Jensen!). But this accounting error is intentional: I left 5% out because while I am very committed to technically making the time, and creating a beautiful- if rushed- practice of breath and light and space, sometimes I just… don’t feel like it. These

“All is Coming”: Yoga Practice, Patience, and Nighttime Parenting

Baby Mobile

Village, here is some wisdom for your day: the guru of Ashtanga Yoga, Pattabhi Jois, was often heard offering these words: “practice and all is coming.” From what I have intoned through discussions and reading, in my annoyingly humble opinion, Guruji hoped we would move through the asanas to access the other ‘limbs’ of yogic awareness. Even if it feels like we are treading water or lost at sea, practice daily with an open heart and mind to the sutras, and shanti (peace) will come. It is important not to judge one’s progress, or be critical of how fast or slow we move through the various Series. I am chuckling

Have You Chosen The 15 Minutes That Could Change The Way You Live?

Some will find a journal and pen

So, dear village, you’ve decided to join me in my #15minutestofind journey… sweet! I’m so psyched for you and excited to hear your thoughts. I’ve shared some of mine in my initial post here. Have you chosen your “thing” yet? The one that challenges, inspires, deepens, furthers, finds what you crave? Yes? Wellllll…. this particular post might be slightly less relevant to your particular circumstance. But feel free to read on regardless! And definitely comment, if you haven’t already, to let us know what you’re up to. This post is designed for those of you who are not sure if they can find 15 minutes, or who want to do

Sitting in The Mess: How Breath Helps Me Through Toddler Troubles

My fave yoga tank surrounded by toys

Dear village: I am surrounded at the moment by open markers, pieces of different puzzles, books open to pages we didn’t read, dog hair cyclones, and even a half-eaten bag of baby carrots. My kids are ACTUALLY asleep at the same time and neither is on me. This is the holy grail of parenting. I know I should clean shit up. But instead, I write. My ego (and sense of personal hygiene) is tugging at the back of my brain… get up… organize… tidy… make this look like a normal person’s house… but instead, I write. And this writing is a practice. Something to fixate on, to elevate me above